Art-themed calendars have become a good tradition at Urban Lys agency. In 2018, we created the “Sumy Art 2018” calendar. Each month was illustrated by works of the famous Sumy artists working in the field of contemporary art. The calendar was in great demand and popularity.

We met 2021 with the music calendar-planner “Music Year 2021” which includes photos of the musicians we have been working with during 4 years, accompanied by their thoughts on the feeling of music.

Quotes for the calendar were written by: bassist Mark Tokar, band IMAGOjazz (UA), singer Mariana Sadovska, ethno-bands Leleka and GANNA (DE/UA), international jazz musicians Benito Gonzalez, Benny Benack III (USA), Aly Keita (CI), Christian Thome (DE), Dave Kelbie (GB), Adam Jarzmik and Aleksandra Kutrzepa (PL).

The calendar was presented to the agency’s partners and friends.

Designer: Yaroslav Belinsky

Photographers: Serhiy Chepulsky, Serhiy Malyuk, Oksana Klyuchenko, Tetyana Vilchynska, Olga Kovalevska.

The design of the calendar was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Photo: Serhiy Chepulsky