What is Urban Lys?

It is an umbrella name for several different directions, connected with music: Music Agency “Urban Lys”, Music photography artist Urban Lys Photos, Music media Urban Lys Reviews and NGO “Workshop of creative ideas “Urban Lys”. 

About Urban Lys music agency

Urban Lys was found in 2o17 as an organization with multi-vector activities: from its own cultural projects, aimed to develop and promote Ukrainian culture, to commercial services, which arose at the request of musicians and cultural organizations/projects, who need quality marketing support and professional online communications.


All the diverse activities of both the music agency “Urban Lys” and the public organization “Workshop of creative ideas” Urban Lys”, aimed at the implementation of the following main missions:

  • development of the Ukrainian music market;
  • increasing the export potential of our artists;
  • promotion of quality world culture in Ukraine;
  • development of local music environments and networks.


On the one hand, “Urban Lys” is a laboratory of communications, promotion and branding for artists and music projects in various fields. On the other hand, it is a crossroads of culture and business, where skilled creatives help commercial companies to create added value of their brands through social responsibility and the creation of iconic cultural events and products.
“Urban Lys” has an extensive network of partners in various cities of Ukraine and Europe, creating a friendly ecosystem for the formation and development of niche music not only in major cultural centers, but also on the periphery. Spreading the idea of free creativity, Urban Lys remains committed to the principles of professionalism and responsibility.

About the name

The Urban Fox is the one who, by changing the environment, remains himself/herself, preserves his/her freedom and achieves his/her goals. S/he is the one who uses the power of natural qualities among the achievements and flaws of civilization, combining global, local and deeply personal.


The agency incorporates bright and original personalities, each and every one of whom is an integral part of our brand.

The agency team is a “construction set” that is assembled in a proper configuration, depending on the scale, direction and geography of the project. We also involve a large number of partners and contractors for the highest quality and most accurate implementation of the requests of our clients and projects. We are always open to cooperation with creative professionals who, like us, are in search of true cultural meanings and values.


We thank everyone who went through different stages of development with us and made a valuable contribution to the formation of the agency and the implementation of a common vision of culture.