Our portfolio includes projects of various directions and complexity – promoting artists, tour booking, individual photo shoots, music video production, music branding. We create music websites, organize events, tours, festivals, carry out promotional campaigns. Our goal is to make your project recognizable and achieve your audience.




  • 01 Over 15 years of experience in music industry

    We have over 15 years of diverse experience in the music industry. We made everything: from journalistics, photography, music promotion to the management of big tours ans festivals, from video producing and graphic design to personal coaching of musicians. We take an active part in cultural processes of Ukraine and act as cultural experts. Urban Lys develops projects in Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain and always learning more.

  • 02 Accessibility and transparency of cooperation

    Our project management experience and business approach allow us to create a clear and controlled workflow on terms that are understandable to everyone. We work on a contractual basis, according to a transparent schedule, each stage of which has defined intermediate results leading to the ultimate goal. Therefore, working with us is safe, pleasant and effective.

  • 03 Positive motivation

    We are an ideal agency for those who appreciate personal attitude and deep diving into the materials. We apply business approaches, but with support and motivation. Mutual trust and respect are important to us. We really enjoy projects we are involved in and are interested in making the common result brilliant.


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