GANNA is a German-Ukrainian band which combins Ukrainian ethnic motifs with modern European jazz.
The Urban Lys agency in collaboration with GANNA worked on the band’s brand for the debut album Dykyi Lys in 2020.

In the frames of the collaboration:

  • together with a stylist Olha Hontar we created a unique stage image,
  • developed a logo and corporate branding style,
  • conducted several media campaigns to promote the artist in Ukrainian media,
  • provided a photo session (photographer Tetiana Vilchynska),
  • produced the music video for the song “Witer”.

One of the priority tasks of our agency during the branding of the band was the formation of a stage image of the Ganna ensemble that would harmonize with the music and the character of the band leader, and at the same time not duplicate the image of Ganna Gryniva as a solo performer. We interviewed the leading Ukrainian jazz experts and collected a pool of impressions about the artist before starting this delicate work. Here is a presentation (in Ukrainian) about all the stages of our research and the report on the results of our work.

At the second stage, we made several moodboards, until we found a balanced line between jazz, ethno, urbanism and the warm emotion that GANNA gives in its music. When we came across the images of the Hontar ethnic collection on the Internet, which fully corresponded to our style guide, we immediately understood – this is it. The more we looked at other dresses and designers afterwards, all of us unanimously – including Ganna, who is quite meticulous about details, and very skeptical director of the clip Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko – converged on this first look from Olha Hontar.

It was a special pleasure to see the outlook “live” – i.e. not in staged filming, but in the artist’s natural environment – on the stage, next to musicians and musical instruments.