The Jazz From Ukraine catalog was created by the Urban Lys agency in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute as part of Ukraine’s first official participation in the Jazzahead 2022 international showcase.

The catalog includes current jazz performers of Ukraine, who are in the country and those who live abroad. Each page about the artist is supplemented with contacts and a QR code with a link to the music.

The catalog also contains information about the Ukrainian Institute and the Urban Lys agency, an overview of Ukrainian festivals and music media.

The catalog was distributed among visitors to the Ukrainian stand and strategic partners of Ukraine at the jazzahead 2022 showcase in Bremen.

Work on the catalog began before the start of the full-scale invasion of russia to Ukraine, and was completed under completely different conditions. All participants in the process were forced to live their homes, to the sounds of explosions or moving from place to place finishing gathering information, making layouts of pages and editing. The future of the festivals and jazz media in Ukraine described in the catalog was also uncertain. In addition, some of the artists represented in the catalog are currently at the front line of war or outside the country.

The team of catalog:

Collection and preparation of materials – Maryana Bondarenko (Ukrainian Institute) and Olga Kovalevska (Urban Lys agency).
Catalog design – Serhiy Horobets.
Layout and editing – Olga Kovalevska.

Special thanks for the help with the printing of the catalog of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which supported us at this difficult moment.

The design of the Ukrainian stand itself and the rest of the printed materials of the Ukrainian presentation were created by the Urban Lys agency in partnership with the Design For Ukraine platform. Art director and chief designer Yaroslav Belinsky.