In the frames of the International Jazz Festival Jazz Bez 2019 with Marek, the Trio Ivoire tour of the German pianist Hans Ludemann took place, a special highlight of which is ethno-musician Ali Keyta from Côte d’Ivoire. Music agency Urban Lys organized the participation of musicians in the festival, as well as the promotion and logistics of their tour.

About the band

This group is unique not only in the mood and style. There is probably no other trio of piano, drums and African balafon around the world. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why their music avoids many clichés. Another reason is the combination of three extremely different people who have the deep joy of the game and communicate with each other and with their audience, creating a huge and inexhaustible positive energy.

Hans Ludemann is a German pianist, composer and leader of TRIO IVOIRE. He is considered “one of the most original and expressive European pianists” (Jazz Podium), or simply – “one of the great pianists of modern jazz” (Hessischer Rundfunk). In 2013 he received the ECHO Jazz Award. In TRIO IVOIRE, his “clear voice” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) on ​​piano joins Ali Keita, a “balaphone magician” from Côte d’Ivoire / Mali, whose captivating virtuosity and energy are impressive. He and Ludemann are “comrades at heart” who have found each other through culture. Drummer Christian Thome connects the music worlds with his unique drum sound. Having a high individual style, it gives great clarity to even the most complex rhythmic structures.

By the way, Urban Lys’ friends know Christian Thome through a duo with Mariana Sadovska, for one of the songs of which Urban Lys shot a video in 2017. And we are very happy to receive this fantastic musician in a new musical context.

TRIO IVOIRE is rooted in African and European jazz traditions and combines African balafon with piano, drums and electronics to create a modern sound.

Here is how the Neue Ruhr Zeitung writes about the concerts of the Hans Lüdemann Trio Ivoire:
“In some places, a clean pace of races is achieved. At such moments, even the most experienced audience has difficulty clapping to the beat). Virtuoso Keyta works with his “musical hammers” on the instrument, impressing the audience more and more. The fascinating harmony that exists between different musicians demonstrates the obvious satisfaction they have in their music – the mutual joy of entering into each other.


Video of the Hans Lüdemann Trio Ivoire concert by UA:Sumy