In response to the invitation of Germany’s largest world-music festival in Rudolstadt, to come with a new program, Mariana Sadovska offered a big concert, which combined avant-garde sound and Ukrainian traditional polyphony, author’s singing and Jewish nigun, jazz and Crimean Tatar melodies.

Mariana jokingly called it the “Musical Battalion”, because 18 musicians from Germany, Poland and Ukraine met on one stage, most of whom participated in various programs of Mariana Sadovska. Some fragments of these programs, as well as solo compositions of the performers, Mariana united in one powerful musical appeal to support Ukraine, as each of these artists did from the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion.

In an interview for Suspilne, Mariana Sadovska said: “It was easy for me to gather people, because I knew who was in Germany, and, so to speak, who did not play the game of “I am out of politics”, but who immediately joined this struggle. All the soloists are activists at the same time: they all collect funds for the army, take care of the refugees, and the German musicians who played with us on stage also gave charity concerts and donated to the army.

It was important for me that it would be not just a concert where we show our own music, but exactly such a performance of the battalion. We didn’t actually have rehearsals, some of the musicians didn’t know each other before. But I knew that we all realize why we do it and for whom. This was our small contribution to the peeling of the rock in Germany, overcoming their indifference, misunderstanding, their constant nodding of their heads in the direction of the Russians and their indecision.”

For the agency Urban Lys it was a project of dream, project we were moving towards through all years of the agency work. Together with  Mariana Sadovska we thank Goethe Institute for the help and support of this project. Find out more details about the project from the presentation report.