Yuriy Seredin

Berlin, Germany


Yuriy Seredin is a pianist and composer, one of the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian jazz scene. His music combines contemporary jazz, minimalism, polyphonic forms and is sometimes almost cinematic, constantly contrasting on the edge of human drama and meditation; his works are very personal, often with references to specific life situations and personalities. Having been in Europe before the outbreak of war, after February 24, he was forced to stay in Berlin, where he had previously studied, to continue his musical and charitable activities. He recorded and played with Nasheet Waits, Ben van Gelder, Seamus Blake, Satoko Fuji, etc. Yuriy also became a scholarship holder of the Italian Ministry of Culture (Teatro Massimo, Palermo), Deutsche Musicrat (Babylon Orchestra) and the Berliner Senat


Yuriy Seredin – piano
Borys Mohylevskyi – saxophone
Ilya Alabuzhev – bass
Oleg Markov – drums


“Yuriy is a sensitive and imaginative musician with a view to the future. His ability to develop a musical narrative through his multi-layered compositions is impressive and his connection to the music is genuine.” Nasheet Waits, drummer

“Yuriy Seredin’s music has a lot of original composer decisions and deep emotional expressions. This is the music of our time and our level of drama. His concerts are unlikely to flirt with the audience, instead it will be an exciting and beautiful experience. That is why Yuriy can be called one of the most interesting Ukrainian composers.” Olha Beckenstein, art director of the Am I Jazz? Festival

— арт-директорка фестивалю Am I Jazz?, клубу Closer