Lviv, Ukraine


ShockolaD band appeals to the Ukrainian identity through a combination of jazz tradition and experiments. For more than 15 years of existence, the band has gone from the founding of the first jazz club in Western Ukraine to the creation of the Department of Jazz and Popular Music at the Lviv Academy of Music. ShockolaD creates together with leading performers of Ukraine and the world, touring and promoting Ukrainian culture in Europe and the USA. The band participates in public activities, organizes workshops, educates a new generation of jazz musicians. The band’s founders and leaders Anastasia Litvinyuk and Ihor Hnydyn are the only Ukrainian partners of Cho-Jazz, the oldest summer jazz school in Eastern Europe.


Dana Vynnytska – vocal
Anastasiya Litvinyuk – keyboards
Andrew Kokhan – bass guitar
Ihor Hnydyn – drums


I used to know Lviv ShockolaD for a long time. The musicians from this project have always managed to organically combine modern jazz language with folklore sources. They do it naturally and sincerely. In short, unlike regular chocolate, this ShokolaD is very useful. For the ears and hearts of many fans. With love –

Oleksiy Kogan, art director of the Leopolis Jazz Fest