New Brain Trio & Michael Balog

Kyiv, Ukraine


NEW BRAIN TRIO is an ambitious confession of Ukrainian musicians. Behind the direct, multi-layered style of this project, which does not succumb to the dry laws of logic, is the author’s personality as the main musical component. The complex introverted electric jazz NEW BRAIN TRIO eliminates the monopoly of dull solos, claiming the search for new improvisational dimensions as the main goal of music. Without the tentacles of a global harmonious conspiracy, the NEW BRAIN TRIO flies in the clouds of super beauty. The creator of this eclectic project is convinced that the first and last word in musical evolution is said on stage. Everything else belongs to the audience.


Oleg Pashkovsky – keyboards, electronic
Ehor Havrylenko – bass, effects
Sergey Balalaev – drums
Michael Balog – sax



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“The debut album Stratum (2018) by the Kyiv jazz band New Brain Trio, released in tandem with Lviv saxophonist Mykhailo Balog, is like a multi-layered, colorful musical canvas, sometimes blossoming with a riot of colors and shapes, and sometimes embossed with monochrome sound palette of shades and hues. Here, minimalism coexists with acid jazz, syncopated funk rhythms coexist on an equal footing with electroswing, and jazz-rock pulsations dissolve freely in a meditative vacuum. This kind of multilevel approach is typical of modern jazz, symbolizing the sunrise and dawn of a new generation of fusion interpreters. Through their work, the musicians confirm the idea that jazz is a living, breathing structure, a polyhedron, the facets of which are easily transformed in space and time, a universe that is constantly changing and self-expanding…”

Oleksa Graff, culturologist, editor-in-chief of the art digest “Soloneba”