Michael Balog

Lviv, Ukraine


Ukrainian jazz saxophonist and musician, founder, and originator of the Vedel School’s teaching techniques, Mykhailo Baloh is known for his musical projects that go beyond genres and styles. He is an unceasing experimenter, combining church choral music, electronic music, jazz, improvisational music, and pieces for cinema and theatre in his music.
Baloh has played as a soloist and also as a partner with MANU, in his duo and trio with Mark Tokar, in a duo with the modular synthesiser Heinali, with the trio New Brain Trio, and with many other international music groups.


Michael Balog – saxophones
Heinali – module synthesizer

Balog with a choir



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Remembering my first meeting with Mykhailo a few years ago, I understand its symbolism. At that time, his Vedel School held a several-day workshop in Kyiv. On the advice of friends, I went to a workshop in konnakol, an Indian rhythmic tradition taught by Baloh himself. This lesson carefully changed my understanding of the theory, made the music more real, closer. At first I met Baloh-teacher, and later that day I met Baloh-musician. Both made a strong impression on me. His evening concert – improvisations of a saxophone and a modular synthesizer in a duet with Heinali – later formed into one of the most interesting EPs of 2020, “A Mechanical Bird in an Electric Garden”.
Going back to that day with a workshop and a performance, I remember my first impression – the thought that I probably do not know in the Ukrainian music environment such a holistic figure as Mykhailo Baloh.

Sofia Shvaher, Comma