Aly Keita Solo

Berlin, Germany


Aly Keïta, a virtuoso of the Balafon, was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. From his youngest age, he was introduced to the instrument by his father, himself a Balafon player, the musical ancestor of the Xylophone and the Marimba.
Aly Keïta has just been nominated for the German Jazz Prize 2022.
Today, Aly Keïta lives in Berlin and connects musical worlds with impressive virtuosity. He wanders between spectacular African rhythm, polyphony and jazz elements, and combines them to create a wonderful and unique sound world – two magical hands and a thousand and one strokes.
“I want my music to be alive and full of energy, hope and love, music that I can share with the audience and through which the audience and I can share our joy.”

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