Концерти гурту Liloviy (UA)

14 травня - 4 липня 2021 р.

Після тривалої карантинної перерви Urban Lys повертається до концертної діяльності. Нещодавно ми почали співпрацю з чудовим київським інді-фольк гуртом LILOVIY, створивши для них новий актуальний EPK, з яким тепер підкорюємо серця українських арт-директорів. Зараз плануємо тур і з нетерпінням чекаємо на зустрічі з глядачами оффлайн. More

Trio Ivoire (DE/CI). Ukrainian Tour 2019

2019: December, 6-10

In the frames of the International Jazz Festival Jazz Bez 2019 with Marek, the Trio Ivoire tour of the German pianist Hans Ludemann took place, a special highlight of which is ethno-musician Ali Keyta from Côte d’Ivoire. Music agency Urban Lys organized the participation of musicians in the festival, as well as the promotion and More

Benito Gonzalez Trio (USA). Ukrainian Tour 2019

2019: April, 21-30

In 2019, URBAN LYS organized an Ukrainian tour of the twice Grammy-nominated pianist Benito Gonzalez (USA) together with his trio. The trio of the famous Venezuelan-born musician Benito Gonzalez from New York performed in Ukraine for the first time, although Benito himself has played here as part of other projects. In his own team, Gonzalez More

The Dime Notes (GB) concert

2018: October, 3

On October 3, 2018, as a part of the Sumy Jazz Club project, Sumy were experiencing authentic swing and old jazz from The Dime Notes from London (UK). Refined, aristocratic, old-fashioned and sustained in the traditional British spirit. As part of their visit to Sumy, the band held a free meeting – the workshop for More