Yuriy Seredin Quartet

Kyiv, Ukraine


Yuriy Seredin Quartet is a jazz ensemble of Ukrainian pianist-composer Yuriy Seredin. After graduating with honors from the Jazz Institute Berlin as a pianist and composer, Yuriy Seredin received the JIB Prize for Best Ensemble. Recorded in 2018, Asylum Search debut album in collaboration with modern jazz legend Nasheet Waits won the A-prize (Radio.Aristocrats) as Jazz Album of the Year. Yuriy’s music is imbued with the influences of the New York avant-garde improvisational scene, minimalism and academic music. Yuriy is an active participant in leading Ukrainian and international projects in Ukraine and Europe.


Yuriy Seredin – piano
Borys Mohylevskyi – saxophone
Ilya Alabuzhev – bass
Oleg Markov – drums


“Yuriy Seredin’s music has a lot of original composer decisions and deep emotional expressions. This is the music of our time and our level of drama. His concerts are unlikely to flirt with the audience, instead it will be an exciting and beautiful experience. That is why Yuriy can be called one of the most interesting Ukrainian composers.”

Olha Beckenstein, art director of the Am I Jazz? Festival, Closer club