Kyiv, Ukraine


LILOVIY is a Ukrainian indie band from Kyiv. The compositions are based on the magical vocalism of Olena Kovernik, the delicacy and sophistication of the signature acoustic sound.
The band’s debut album “Nazyvai” (Name it) was released in August 2019. The bright romantic songs of the album tend to indie-folk sound. Thanks to the poem “Lilovyi” (Purple) by Lviv poetess Natalia Mraka, in collaboration with whom the album was created, the name of the band was born.
The new stage of creativity was marked by an appeal to the poetry of the famous Ukrainian writer Yurii Izdryk, for whose poetry the second album of the band “Tilky Rai” (Only Paradise) was written (July 2020). “LILOVIY has very unusual and high-quality music, they feel, listen, do not ignore the inner melody of the poem, which is very rare,” says Izdryk about the collaboration.
For a short period of its existence, the band has performed at festivals Respublica Fest, Woodstock Ukraine, Lesia Grand Fest, Zelena Scena (Green Stage) and other famous venues.
Now band LILOVIY is preparing for a series of concerts in different cities of Ukraine.


Olena Kovernik – vocal
Anton An – solo & rhythm guitar
Maksym Tkach – acoustic guitar

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“It’s a wonderful feeling – as if the vocalist is singing, looking into your eyes. There are no barriers, no suppressions, just free flow of light from the audio file to the heart. This is the same Ukrainian music that floats past the ratings and hype on social networks – just into a storage where our gold reserves are.”

Ihor Panasov, music reviewer