Katherine Zyablyuk

Kyiv, Ukraine


Katherine Ziabluk is a pianist, vocalist and composer, as well as a journalist and writer on the media-platform Meloport. She writes and performs jazz, avant-garde, free jazz, neoclassical, electroacoustics and folk music. Ziabluk performs as a soloist and with other musicians in trios, quartets, quintets and so on. She has a strong engagement with Ukrainian folk melodies in her music, and spends a lot of time researching Ukrainian music, discovering old records, and interpreting Ukrainian literature in musical way. One of her recent projects was based on The Forest Song, a play by the Ukrainian poetess, Lesia Ukrainka, which has very traditional story arc and is full of fairy tale motifs. Due to her jazz education and improvisational approach, she can popularise canonical Ukrainian culture in a modern and comprehensible way.

International experience and collaboration:
• 2017 – Final concerts at Cho-Jazz Workshop in Chodzież, Poland
• 2018 – Composing for and playing with the Polish-Ukrainian collaborative group UkraPol Orchestra
• 2018, 2019 – Jazztopad Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
• 2020 – Concerts with Kraków Music Academy Big Band
• 2020 – Zadymka Jazzowa festival, Bielsko Biala, Poland


Performs in duos, trios

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She did it self-confidently, truthfully, full of playful grace, in a remarkable coexistence of being down-to-earth and wandering in higher spheres. In her almost 90 minutes set she took time and space to fully unfold her very own musical universe in a flight of sensuous presence and dreamy alertness, all the while also connecting verbally and with speaking eyes to her audience to set it, and keep it, on the trace of hidden tales. Her gentle tenacity kept the music away from dissolving in well-shaped smooth turns. Instead, it prospered continuously on silver lines over darkly stamping grounds on a poetical musical rope, dancing, and shining on the unruly reality experiences of these days.

Henning Bolte, music journalist, All About Jazz