Dmytro Radzetskyi

Kyiv, Ukraine


Dmytro Radzetskyi is a representative of Ukraine’s modern experimental and avant-garde music scene. Radzetskyi writes and performs contemporary classical music, jazz, rock, avant-garde, ambient, electronica and Musique Concrete. This musical versatility allows him to constantly change the musical style and the number of musicians (from one to 80 performers) he performs with. Dmytro is a founder, leader and conductor of the first Ukrainian Improv Orchestra in Ukraine.
Radzetskyi has won numerous competitions in Ukraine as a guitarist and composer and has written chamber, orchestral, electro-acoustic music, rock compositions, and more. He has also made and developed unique 8- and 10-string MIDI Radz-guitars, which are a combination of a classical guitar, electric guitar, bass-guitar and a synthesiser.
He has also collaborated with musicians Tony Levin & Pat Mastelotto (who have worked with King Crimson), Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ed Mann & Denny Walley (from The Frank Zappa Band and the group Bang on a Can All-Stars).

International performances and experience:
• 2016 – Concert with SЮR band, Zappanale Festival, Bad Doberan
• 2016 – ‘Big Second’ tour of Bonodo Club, Panda Theater, Berlin; Sub Sol, Dusseldorf; Jazz Globus, Jerusalem; Gagarin, Tel Aviv; Ukrainian Museum, New York; Spectrum, New York
• 2017 – ‘Big Second+VocColours’ concert at Salon de Jazz, (Cologne; Sub Sol, Dusseldorf
• 2019 – ‘RADZ 30 for 30’ programme at Zappanale, Bad Doberan; Zappanale 2019, Bad Doberan; De Peper Club, Amsterdam; Barinton Club, Cologne; Klubovna, Prague; Slovenské Alternatívne Leto Fest, Slovak

International collaboration:
• 2014 – Bang on a Can Music Institute
• 2017 – Ukho Ensemble CD Recording session
• 2020 – ‘30 for 30’, Zappanale Festival


Dmytro Radzetskyi – 8 and 10 strings MIDI RADZ-guitars, keyboards
Serhiy Radzetskyi – bass, keyboards, vokal
Rostyslav Yahodka – drums
Michael Sarana – tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, clarinet

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Dmytro and Serhii Radzetski are long-term and consistent adherents of experimental music in Ukraine. Their music covers a range of styles from prog rock and jazz to ambient and neo-classical one. Improvisation and unpredictability for listeners combined with impressive performance skills are organic features of the brothers’ music. The Radzetskis embody their energy in the form of various bands/projects: RADZ, SЮR Band, Ukrainian Improvisers Orchestra, CHAI Z MIASOM (TEA WITH MEAT) and others. In addition, they are the developers of their own unique instrument called Radz-guitar.

Oleksandr Proletarskyi,