Our portfolio includes projects of various directions and complexity – promoting artists, tour booking, individual photo shoots, music video production, music branding. We create music websites, organize events, tours, festivals, carry out promotional campaigns. Our goal is to make your project recognizable and achieve your audience.



  • 01 More than 15 years of experience in the music industries

    Our team includes specialists with professional education, many years of diverse experience in the music industry, who take an active part in cultural processes, act as experts, develop their own music projects, know various aspects of cultural, musical and promotional activities, applying business approaches in work. We will understand you from the first note!

  • 02 An individual approach to each client

    First we study the materials of an artist, then determine the needs and goals and form an individual proposal. The team of our specialists is flexibly supplemented, depending on the request, by battle-tested professionals who can handle a project of any scale and direction.

  • 03 Availability and transparency of cooperation

    The experience of project management and business approach allow us to create a clear and controlled workflow. We work on a contractual basis, on a transparent schedule, each stage of which has certain intermediate results leading to the ultimate goal. Therefore, working with us is safe, enjoyable and effective.

  • 04 Positive approach and motivation

    We appreciate professional warmth in cooperation. Using business approaches, we support, motivate and care, because mutual trust and respect are important for us.


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